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Issuer Name

Enter either the NZX code or company name in which you hold shares.

CSN/Holder Number

Common Shareholder Number (CSN) is a 9 digit character number that can be found on the top right hand corner of your holding statement and other shareholder communications. A Holder Number commences with an 'R' and is followed by a 9 digit character number.


Faster Identification Number (FIN) is a four-digit number, similar to your PIN on your bankcard. You will need to quote your FIN number to your broker when you trade (buy or sell) your securities. It should be stored in a secure place and not be divulged for any other purpose than trading your shares.

Important note - your Common Shareholder Number (CSN), Holder Number and Faster Identification Number (FIN) identify you as the owner of your securities and should be stored securely.

Security check (CAPTCHA)

Enter the figures seen in the grey box to ensure greater security for your online transactions. CAPTCHA is a response test to ensure that account validation is attempted by a human not a computer.

Electronic Communications Tick Box

By ticking the check box 'I elect to receive all communications electronically', you will be emailed all communications related to your shareholding/s, including notice of meetings and annual reports. In the event that an issuer does not support this method of communication, information will be dispatched through the next most suitable method.

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